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Whenever I'm not wasting my time on less useful things, I invest some in creating tools for myself or a community. Here are a few of the things I've accomplished and some information about them.


Gorillas is an arcade game for the iPhone / iPod touch.

Two gorillas stand on roof tops and take turns at throwing explosive bananas at each other. With the right angle and speed, taking into account the current wind velocity, your banana should obliterate the opponent on impact.

The iPhone / iPod touch features a touch screen which lends itself perfectly for making these throws a real piece of cake. Just a single tap indicates the vector of your banana's initial velocity.

Of course, the game features some tasty eye-candy, fully rendered in OpenGL. You can pick from several cities to fight in, each with a unique feel through a change in gravity and wind strength.

You can also pick from several different game types, such as a classic game of Gorillas, a more dynamic game with auto-adjusting difficulty, a teamed game, or a last-man-standing free-for-all.

iPhone stats

stats is a bash script which parses iPhone application sales data.

Apple provides us with good data on iPhone application sales, but very little means of visualizing that data. There are several third-party applications that provide a means of visualizing this data, but I wanted something free, open and simple.

This bash script gives you some metrics on your application sales such as the total (and yesterday's) amount of upgrades, sales and profit.

Moreover, the script also tells you which reviews your application has recieved on iTunes (for the U.S., or anywhere in the world by manually invoking the bundled reviews script).


BashLib is a library of convenience functions for the GNU Bash shell.

Bash is the POSIX-compliant shell you find on most any UNIX system. This library makes it a little easier to make sane and appealing bash scripts.

Amoungst the many features it provides are emit which displays messages with coloured syntax (and is a wrapper for the next:), spinner which provides several types of spinners to keep the user enthraled while waiting for some lengthy task to complete, ask being a simple function that makes taking user input just that little bit easier (featuring default options and such) and showHelp, an easy way to show some documentation on your script's usage. For more info, see the extensive comments inside.

Network Monitor

The Central Network Monitoring system is a PHP based web application when allows companies to keep an eye on the status of their entire network infrastructure.

It provides a convenient interface for browsing network machines and hardware, evaluating their current and past status and updating hardware configurations as the network infrastructure evolves.

Alerts can be set to warn administrators when certain hardware begins to underperform or fails.

Data is collected through SNMP daemons which are supported by Linux, OS X, Windows, and most other network-connected devices.


NetherPanel is a rich java client built for use through WebStart.

It's basically a World of Warcraft addon manager and data uploader for web applications such as the WoWRoster.

It features advanced addon dependency management and tools that make browsing the mass of addons provided for the game less of a time-consuming and headache-inducing task.

Riello NV

I've also developed the homepage of the Belgian branch of the Italy-based heating systems company called Riello.

Riello's a company that designs and manufactures all sorts of heating appliences ranging from burners to heat pumps and solar panels.

This website mostly provides information on the products provided by Riello, where distributers can be found, and it also provides a wide range of technical documentation for professionals.


Bleach is a World of Warcraft guild for whom I designed this web site.

It provides the members with a central location for news, a message board, a member information roster, and a recrutement page.

The website was made with integration being the prime goal. The site itself uses the board's authentication mechanism and data to provide users with a custom homepage and more.

Lhunath's Old Website

Just like many of us; I've also had my younger years of ignorance. And as proof remains this website which was thankfully superseded by the current one.

It contains some of my younger attempts of having a view on life without being able to make much sense in expressing them.

Moonlit Bookstore

Back in the days of college - those good old days of being able to do whatever the heck you wanted to - I wrote this little demonstrational page for a web design class.

It doesn't really do anything, and it's horribly tiny on today's resolutions, just because I was appearantly too stupid to understand the concept of scaling websites - nevertheless, it's fun to watch where one comes from.